• Breakers box

    Secondary electrical switchboard in level 1.
  • Breakers box

    Secondary electrical switchboard. In this regard, it is noted the automatic sequential reset circuit breaker for the cleaning room. Additionally, electrical tip isolating connectors are used here and every other breaker box, to increase electric safety and reliability.
  • Internal data network

    Switch Hub US Robotics. The data network is running on cable, so the nonauthorized entrance through wifi password cracking is not possible, unless the wifi transmission is on via the central router (usually it’s off).

Level 1. Two armoured doors separates this area from level 0. We find here the bedrooms, which are facing south to take advantage of natural light and heat. Each bedroom allows night rest, and study if necessary, thanks to the data network and the available area. The two independent bathrooms service the four bedrooms, while the master bedroom, en-suite with full bath and shower, is almost a penthouse in itself, located at the east end. Security management is run from here. The protection level for the sleeping person is maximum, looking for timely and appropriate response against a possible assault.