East corridor

    East corridor, view from the kitchen door (right, not visible). Area: 167,21 ft2 Centre right: main hall, followed by cleaning room and east bedroom. Background: garage armoured door, open. Centre left: safety wall for 1st floor’s insulation, with armoured door. Background left: lift and east bathroom area (not visible). Above: lighting using recessed halogen spotlights.
  • East corridor

    East corridor, view from the armoured garage door (open). Background right: open door to west wing distribution landing and stairs to level -1. Background left: kitchen, main hall and cleaning room. Centre left: it’s visible the frame for the armoured door leading to level 1. Top: inserted in the ceiling there are two air vents, allowing the air reabsorption for the secondary air conditioning system (fan coils).

Level 0. This floor contains all areas for daytime activities, regarding work and family life. Two distinct wings are set for those purposes. The west wing features two offices and a bathroom; they are accessed through the west corridor, allowing privacy and peace of mind to study or to work. We find here the living room lower level. The east wing comes up with the two most frequently used garages, a bathroom, a multipurpose room (guest bedroom or office), a cleaning room and the foyer.

The kitchen could be considered the hinge between both wings. Facing south, it’s linked directly to the living room upper level; its main support regarding supplies is the integrated pantry.