• Machine room.

    Background right: Himoinsa electrical generator, with exhaust pipe for fumes evacuation. Right: heat exchanger for fresh water. Left: Dehoust tanks for fuel oil, C type.
  • Machine room.

    Background left: Himoinsa electrical generator, with exhaust pipe for fumes evacuation. Right: heat exchanger for fresh water and Tifell boiler. Behind boiler and exchanger, pipes and valves for distribution to radiant floor and solar heating.
  • Machine room.

    Foreground left: electrical tubing connecting main breaker box in level 0 and Himoinsa generator. Foreground right: heat exchanger B2S2. Background right: Tifell boiler, solar heating circulator and double isolated chimney, Negarra brand. Left: Bladder expansion tank, Ibaiondo brand, for solar panels. Top left: radiant floor distribution valves, enabling selection between heat or cold fluid.
  • Himoinsa electrical generator.

    Acoustic isolating right door open, showing local fuel oil filter, internal fuel oil tank distribution (17 hours endurance) and valves connecting to external Dehoust tanks.
  • Himoinsa electrical generator.

    Control breaker box. When the photograph was taken, the internal tank was full (100%), the generator was shut off, warnings were 0 and working mode was set on auto (in case of blackout, the generator would have been activated in 10 seconds, keeping the house running 100% in all of its electrical systems).
  • machine room main breaker box

    Right: solar automaton for the management of solar panels. Left: breaker box for water well. Below: auxiliary three – phased outlet and portable fire extinguisher.
  • programmable automaton,

    Solar automaton.

    When the photograph was taken, temperature in solar panels was 38ºC, and according to user’s settings (priority selector top right), the hot fluid was being diverted to the radiant floor (temperature 26ºC and rising). The B2S2 exchanger was showing 39ºC, and the pools circuit was shut down (winter time).
  • Water well breaker box.

    It was independently installed as a segregated part given the importance of the installation.
  • O’Bio heat exchanger.

    It receives hot fluid from the solar panels and sends it to radiant floor using a coil exchanger, according to user’s settings in the solar automaton. It’s shrouded by a thermal blanket for better isolation. During summer time, it’s shunted so cold fluid can be sent to the radiant floor.
  • Water distribution.

    Foreground right: Reyde tank for water reserve (48 hours autonomy). Right lower: Karcher pressure washer with north & south independent circuits. Background: pipes and valves connecting water well and external water supply net. Left lower: water softener RBS24ED. Background centre: Alsina water pump for supplying the house from the Reyde tank, governed by the Wilo Fluidcontrol pressure sensor.
  • PC for local management and internet access.

    PC for local management and internet access, with complete manuals library (in case of technical assistant needed). Right lower: lift control box and hydraulic oil tank.

Machine room:
Himoinsa electrical generator, with exhaust pipe for fumes evacuation.