• North ramp, lower end

    Background top: north oscillating door, ajar. Right: ramp lights on. The lights are synchronized with the door opening and the time of the day, using adjustable switches.
  • North ramp, upper end

    Background: plane change with grated pit to collect the rain water and underground water coming from the concrete basement’s perimeter. Right: surface pressure washer circuit, inside a protective sheath against low temperatures.

Level -1. It’s built so that accompanies the slope of the terrain. This floor includes the building’s technological heart inside the machine room. From here we can control: 1) Energy consumption. 2) Air conditioning settings. 3) Water storage, softening and distribution. 4) Electricity generation. Basic systems (water & electricity) are doubled, main and back up. The rest of the level contains a workshop, a full bathroom and a large open garage space for discretionary use. All spare parts and maintenance materials are also found in this area.