The residence is situated in the locality of Albolote, established on the fertile grounds of the Granada Meadow and only 6 kilometers away from the city of the Alhambra, Granada, and it is a locality that combines its agricultural tradition with the development of the services sector. Surrounded with great settings, Albolote grants its visitor with endless possibilities to experience nature. Sierra Elvira or the Cubillas Reservoir are two perfect places to feel the magic of the surroundings.

Aside from the a1ttractiveness of the landscapes and its botanic wealth, it also awakens a historic and archaeological interest, brought about by the surrounding remains of Roman villas and the Upper Paleolithic. Moreover, Albolote is part of the Route of the Nasrids, a cultural and tourist project of the Andalusian Legacy.

Albolote is a Spanish locality and township belonging to the province of Granada, in the community of Andalusia. It is located in the north-center of the region of the Granada Meadow, being one of the fifty-two entities that compose the Metropolitan Area of Granada. It is neighbour to the municipalities of Iznalloz, Deifontes, Cogollos Vega, Calicasas, Peligros, Maracena, Atarfe and Colomera. Other nearby localities are Monteluz and Pulianas.

The township encompasses the residential areas of Albolote, Cortijo del Aire, El Chaparral, Parque del Cubillas and Pretel. There are also other spread-out areas like Loma Verde, Villas Blancas, El Torreón, Monte Elvira, Sierra Elvira and Buenavista.

The establishment of Albolote as a residential entity started with the Nasrid dynasty when they ascended to the throne of the Kingdom of Granada. It was initially created to give lands and homes to the military garrison that defended the Royal Path of Jaén, creating the first settlement that would be the origin of the present day Albolote. The name derives from the Arabic place-name “Qaryat al-Bollut”, which means “Alquería de las Encinas” (“Farmstead of the Holm Oaks”).

In the vicinity of Albolote, in Sierra Elvira, the Battle of La Higueruela took place (July 1st, 1431), in which the troops of Juan II of Castile defeated the armies of Granada. In the Hall of Battles in the Monastery of El Escorial, there is a painting that makes reference to said battle and in which the name of Albolote appears.

In the eighteenth century it was passed over as a seigniory, by order of His Majesty King Phillip the Fourth, to Don Antonio Álvarez de Bohórquez, first Marquis de los Trujillos. In the year 1803, King Charles IV grants the title of Duke of Gor to Don Nicolás Mauricio Álvarez de Bohórquez.